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Registration and payments

The system requires e-mail authentication. If you do not verify your email address, you will not be able to register successfully

After registering and verifying the e-mail address, 3 days of trial will be given free of charge and without the need for a payment method.

There is no obligation on the site, payment on the site is for the period you have purchased only and is not renewed in any way automatically.

You can pay us by: Bitcoin, Master Card and Visa only.

Prices for the packages can be found in the following link packages

Of course, you can invite friends and each member's invitation will receive 14 more days for your subscription.

Device support

We now support devices with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, android of all kinds including tablets The site is optimized with applications tailored for iPhone, iPad, tablet, and Android devices

We strive to continue to advance in technology and will indeed be supported later for additional devices

The site is now optimized for most screen sizes including phones You can view without problem even without installing an application

In the near future you can also watch through our unique converter which is currently in development

Technical Support

We broadcast a number of different qualities to ensure your survival and stability without blasts on the air Most of our content is broadcast in quality HD

Our site system and the site's broadcasting system includes a large number of servers deployed all over the world in order to ensure you continuous transmission and friendly surfing with minimal malfunctions

You can speak to a service representative using our chat, and we will be happy to answer all your questions

In general our system knows how to route each country to the nearest server In some cases, a local supplier does not arrive at a good speed and therefore a route is needed for a different location You can run our speed test to decide where to route you You can test at the following address: speedtest

In some cases there is interference with your local Internet, it is recommended that you reboot your modem


We'd love to hear it and of course implement it You can contact us on the next page contact us We will be happy to answer any questions you may have

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Live 24/7

Live broadcasts 24/7 All broadcasts from Israel are transmitted to you at the time

Recorded up to 14 days ago

Automatic recordings of all channels in live broadcasts up to 14 days back, If you missed any of the live broadcasts - that's what recordings are for

DVD library

Thousands of Israeli films and series, nostalgic, telenovelas, children's content, entertainment shows and loads of content await you in the VOD library.